Western Medicine vs. Holistic Medicine?

Why is it that so many people are turned off from holistic healing and medicine and are so accepting of western medicine, drugs and fatal prognostics? What would happen if more people were open to the idea that we have the power to heal ourselves from the inside out without the aid of pills, machines or harmful toxins? I mean, there are so many examples of proof and testimonies that should be pulling people toward holistic healing...right? So, why isn't there a stampede of people knocking down the doors of holistic healers worldwide?

Actually, in a lot of other parts of the world, holistic healing is the preferred method. It seems that "western medicine" is really only preferred in "western" cultures. So, why? Why do we choose to put these foreign toxins and poisons into our bodies instead of trusting a spiritual healing method?

Faith. In a world of uncertainty and disappearing faith, we tend to trust someone with a white lab coat more than we would trust our own intuition or the power of God...you know, the one who actually created us? What makes people feel more comfortable trusting doctors and medicine? I believe it is the fact that if a pill or drug can be given, its an easy fix and we don't have to do anything else about it. We don't have to really do any healing, just let the pill do the work.

But is it also a fear that our faith alone wouldn't allow healing? Now, I know there are many different types of religion, spirituality and faith. Everyone is entitled to their own belief system. But most of us do agree that there IS something greater than us out there. But so many people question their own beliefs and compare to others wondering if they are right, or if their neighbor is wrong. Why can't we all just have a strong faith in what we believe is out there? Maybe some of us feel that our faith in what we believe isn't strong enough to allow healing...and that alone is scary. And instead of taking a look at this fear, it's easier to avoid it and pretend it's not there.

But just imagine, just for a second, if everybody's "faith" was strong enough that they, along with their higher power, could change everything. That just believing and gaining a stronger relationship with God as we know him can heal us from the dis-ease and chronic illnesses that we have created in ourselves? If we spoke to these miracles who have dabbled in holistic medicine and healing, and truly learned who they are, listened to their stories and accepted their testimony...imagine how beautiful and peaceful...and less stressful...our world could be. The definition of insanity - when you do something over and over again and expect a different result. Hmmm...maybe if something isn't working, it's time to just...try something else? Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised. Maybe it won't work for you. Or maybe you'll learn something about yourself and start to grow spiritually and set out on your path to healing. If you've tried everything else, then honestly...what else do you have to lose?