Here at JD Wellness and Healing, we believe in healing ourselves from the inside out. The mind is a very powerful thing and our thoughts create realities. That, along with our faith and complementary holistic practices and therapies, can promote health and healing in areas where other medicine may be failing. Before there were pills and western medicinal practices, our ancestors found ways of healing with natural remedies and spiritual practices. We believe that mind-body wellness is attained by using the mind to heal the body. Please check out our services!


About Jennifer Drake

Jennifer is a licensed Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner and certified life coach. She was trained and educated at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ.  She is a single mother of three and currently lives on the East Coast. 

Jennifer is a gifted empath intuitive and clairsentient. She has the spiritual ability, along with her training and life experiences, to empathize and have compassion beyond normal circumstances. Jennifer is a survivor or a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. Se was diagnosed with Stage 3, Triple Negative Inflammatory Breast Cancer in May of 2021. She completed 4 rounds of Adriamycin and Cytoxan and then 12 rounds of taxol. Follow chemotherapy, Jennifer had a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. Once healed she will undergo 40 rounds of radiation followed by immunotherapy. Jennifer's passion is to help others heal from disease, past traumas and life experiences using holistic and alternative medicine and therapies.